Community Spirit n’ the Legacy of Precita Eyes (Tree Woman)

12 – 25′ high by 88′ long | Acrylic

Located at Precita Eyes Muralists’ founding location on Precita Park, San Francisco, CA.

Led by Susan Cervantes in collaboration with Fred Alvarado, Julia Barzizza, Teresa Benson, Xavier Bess, Elaine Chu, Yoshua Cordoba, George Crampton, Yuka Ezoe, Diego Irizarry, Kiry Luc, Marisa Mariscoti, Max Marttila, Dennis MacKenzie, John Morrow, Naoki Onadera, Henry Sultan, Deirdre Weinberg, Jude Pagpaguitan and many many others.

©2020 Precita Eyes Muralists Association, Inc.

This is our original Precita Eyes Muralists studio where hundreds of children and youth have been transformed by realizing their own creativity and imagination through the arts.

Susan Cervantes, Founding Director of Precita Eyes Muralists

The mural is a collaborative effort by Precita Eyes youth, staff, Board of Directors, building tenants and community residents. Over 20 artists have contributed to the mural design concept and many participated in the painting process.

The tree of life was a group effort designed by Teresa Benson who pictured a version of Atlas reversed, Elaine Chu who saw different flowers blooming from the same tree, Kiry Luc who pictured far-reaching roots and children playing beneath the tree and myself. I contributed the different citrus fruits from one root, inspired by the backyard tree of my childhood.

Together the tree of life represents the many artists and youth who have blossomed from Precita Eyes, our numerous roots to the community and our collective responsibility to care for Earth.