Laguna Honda Hospital Phase 3

Above: A Western Spiderwort flower in-between a pink Foxglove flower by Ernesto Guaman and a dragonfly by Yuka Ezoe.

5′ high by 200′ wide | Acrylic

Located outside of the Laguna Honda Hospital on Laguna Honda Boulevard, San Francisco, CA.

Led by Elaine Chu and Yukako Ezoe with the help of Erica Maybaum, Sadie McFarlane, Julia Barzizza, Kiry Luc, Marina Perez-Wong, Rick Johnson, Jen Kakon and Jared Gochuico.

©2018 Precita Eyes Muralists Association, Inc.

The Laguna Honda Hospital mural project is a multi-year mural spanning over 600 feet outside of the historic Laguna Honda Hospital. The mural was led by Elaine Chu and Yuka Ezoe from 2015 – 2018 and funded by District 7 Participatory Budget funds under the leadership of Supervisor Norman Yee. It depicts the native wildlife, the Ohlone community and the industrialization of the Forest Hill and West Portal areas. Hospital residents, neighborhood associations, and local residents collaborated on the mural design and mural painting.

Left to right bottom: Monterey Cypress trees and a coyote crossing a fallen log, detail of the coyote and a group photo of Laguna Honda Hospital volunteers surrounding hospital resident and artist Felipe Martinez.