Laguna Honda Hospital Phase 4

5.5′ – 8′ high by 200′ wide | Acrylic Paint

Located at the corner of Laguna Honda Boulevard and Woodside Avenue, San Francisco, CA.

Led by Julia Barzizza and Deirdre Weinberg, Assisted by Flavia Mora, in collaboration with staff and residents of Laguna Honda Hospital and District 7 Neighborhood Associations. Painted with volunteer support by Theresa Panyawai, Crystal Tang, youth artists Javier Baluyut and Isabella Norwood-Paulus, fellow muralists Robert Louthan and Pablo Ruiz-Arroyo, my partner Ari Moskowitz and many many others.

©2021 Precita Eyes Muralists Association, Inc.

Funded by District 7 Participatory Budget Project under Supervisor Myrna Melgar.

Learn more about the Participatory Budget Project here and bring collaborative budget voting to your district, school or local community.

This is an incredible movement focused on empowering common people including youth, formerly incarcerated persons and non-U.S. Citizens to have a say in how city funding is used to better the communities they live, work and play within.

The Laguna Honda Hospital mural, directed by Elaine Chu and Yuka Ezoe, was the first mural project I supported by Precita Eyes. The total mural wraps over 800 feet of retaining wall surrounding the Laguna Honda Hospital, across from Forest Hill Station in San Francisco.

Thank you to the many community members who visited us throughout this project! We sailed through on your warm words and kindness.